2014년 12월 12일 금요일

Good Bye " ENG318-03 " and My reflection on the experience + additional comments

Holly Molly ! 

This is my second saying good bye post. I have to say bye again to the classmates"eng318-03". As all you guys know that this is my final semester. 

Thank you for having this such awesome classmates and Jeff. As a senior majoring with English, I felt everyone can speak English fluently regardless of majors. This class makes me get closed with Google's stuffs. 

Now I know how to deal with Google drive and other things. It's pretty useful for me. These days the economic is not that great I mean it causes an increase in the unemployment rate. I want you all you guys think about your future dream and job. 

I know I am not late. I'm young and can do it anything. But it's really tough out of the school. I'm still looking for the job. 

Actually, I have the other route going to graduate school. However, I am warning about the school fees and other stuffs. Anyway, let's cheer up guys! we can find our amazing way. 

So, Here are my reflection and more comments. I enjoyed showing the presentation with Sohee. Hopefully she thinks too. And unfortunately we couldn't have guests. My friend were in the way to Seoul in the KTX and he was trying to join us but the wireless was not clear. I'm so sorry for that.

 I think Sohee still can't contact her guest. Once again, thank you for joining our show. There were some discussion but one thing I forgot to say. 

When I was at the air port in Las vegas, one staff from the air port asked me "can you speak English?" And I said "yes, What's wrong?" I answered. After few minutes she brought one Asian guys and he talked to me in Japanese. 

Luckily I understood and I interpreted the sentence. So here's my question. Do you think she knows that I speak Japanese? In my opinion, she just thinks that he and I are Asians so she asked. That's why people who are in America have cultural identity problems.

Ok, let me stop writing here. Thank you guys for reading and hope to see in the society. 


2014년 11월 23일 일요일

Who am I? American or Korean?

Hi, Guys :)

I am Dongyun Choi. I am going to talk about Cultural Identity with Sohee!
Cultural Identity? Yes, there are some people who are from America but their background ethnic is Korean.
Do you have any experience about this situation? 
Or, Can you say He or she is from America or Korea? Yes, Nobody can't say their Identity. So you are going to discuss people who are Korean or Asians from america.
So, Let find out and talk about it with me and Sohee . We are going to broadcast it soon.

Am I Korean Or American?

So here is our outline.

# Outline
Before you watch our show, please check these links out. Thank you.

this is story about korean-american girl named, Magarat Cho. 

Another Youtube video from Kevjemba 

As you can see from those picture Asian populations are getting high.

What is Ethnic-Americans 's first language? 

What stereotype people have to them? 

When you see minority in USA, do you think they can not speak English?

what way can Korean-American have American nationality as an American?

If you are first generation in America and your children are hasitating about their idendity(am i korean? American?) then what would you say as a parents?

1. Self Introduction

2. invite American Korean friends

3. discussion

4. debating time

5. Q&A

 Here are more information about K-pop. If you would like to know more click it. 

 Please enjoy our show. ;)

Thank you

2014년 10월 11일 토요일

What's Your Addiction?

Hello, ppl

Today, I'd like to talk about Addiction. I'm not talking about the drugs
You know, Human being is easy to get addicted to do something.
So do I! I like playing games with computers and smart phones. And, I am watching You tube video too much. I think it becomes my daily work. As soon as I came back home, I turn on my computer first then, after shower I play games or watch You tube videos and then I go to bed.

In the Korean society, Addiction is becoming one of the biggest issue.

There are most top 3 Issue.

First Korean people can not stop using smart phones.

second is many young people are spending most of the time to play online games.

Finally, third is smoking.

I understand why people can not avoid using smart phones most of time. Because, there are so much things to play, watch and even learn. I play a mobile games when I am not at the PC Bang(internet cafe) or home. I am watching videos a lot through the phone even the screen is a bit small. The best thing is I can contact friends  at all times easily. Just using the SNS Apps, I can share my moment and know what the others are doing. It's pretty cool. Sometimes it works badly for the others though. And, I like playing computer online games. These days, lots of Korean students and military mans go to PC Bang to play LOL(league of legends)with their friends or colleagues. It is much fun playing together. Also, there are not many things to do out there when we hang out with friends. That's why they go and play games a lot. However, in my opinion, those addictions are not that bad. I think smoking is the worst addiction. I really don't like people who smoke a lot. There are some smokers who even don't care of non-smokers at the restaurants.
At least, they should not cause damage to non-smokers. It's not good for our health.

On the conclusion, I was talking about just 3 addictions. There are so many other types of addictions. Maybe you have one or more. That could be a good or bad addiction. The best way is we need to know how to control it ourselves. Than, It could be good or bad. So, here are 5 Questions on the below.


What are you addicted to do?

What is a good addiction and bad addiction?

Addiction can be cured?

Have you ever seen any the worst addiction from friends or others?

Do you have any ideas how to control the addiction?

If you are more interested in, I recommend to you watch this You tube video.

Thank you.

2014년 9월 28일 일요일

Fun In Busan

Hi guys! It's me Jeff Choi Dongyun

Can you guess which city is it?

This is my hometown, Busan. Busan is the second biggest city In South Korea and also well known as a port city.

There are a lot of festivals and events in Busan. If you would like to know, you can visit to http://www.bto.or.kr/eng/main/main.php. There are some information about Busan in English, Chinese, and Japanese. 

So, This weekend I attended the Global Party In Kyongseng  Uni area. There were about 30 Koreans and 20 Foreigners from Japan, France, USA, China, and  Southeast Asia Countries. Here are some pictures.

As you can see, we had karaoke night. We song and dance to relieve stress. 

We had a lot of boozes, foods, and drinks.

It was really good time to know each other Koreans and Foreigner friends.
And we shared our Facebook address and Google+.

I attend an English conversation class every Saturday In Kyoungseng Uni. If anyone who wants to join us, please let me know. We always welcome Foreigner and Koreans.

I have some English native speaker friends from Jinju(진주). When they got new friends who come to Korea teach English and want to visit to Busan, they give my cell phone numbers and find me Jeff in Busan. So feel free to contact me :). It doesn't matter of countries. 

And, I met one Japanese guy in the party and he said he came alone in Busan, so next day we hung out China town near the Busan station. Because there were  Busan Chinatown Culture Festival. It was quite interesting to look around the town. It was so crowded with many people not only Korean but also Foreigners. 

Especially, the lamps were beautiful and the Chinese people was so kind. I also enjoyed a lamb skewer and Jajangmyeon (noodles with Black Soybean Sauce) 

It was cheap and tasty. 

I just came back home and I am posting this episode.
Now I am look for the other events. Living in Busan is really fun and hope any person who have never been to Busan I really recommend you to visit here. 

Thank you ^^ 

2014년 6월 19일 목요일

Good Bye " ENG317-04 "

OMG! ENG 317-04!

I can't believe how time flies so fast! I remember when I saw Jeff first time and our classmates. We had a great time and enjoyed our class. During the class, we learned a lot of words such as Orange tent(which you can drink a Soju), briefs(men’s underpants), PDA(public display of affection) ,and etc. Hey classmates! do you still memorize all these vocabularies? I remember our classmates have different personalities! 


Seongeun - she has nice smile, David - his outfit and hair style are always great. Gyusung - My first his image was he must be violent but not sorry ~ he was really awesome guy. Dongmin - I was surprised that we are the same age haha. Kyeongsun - I do remember when she always has a question about our class's assignment , she gave me kakao talk message! the first word starts oopa(오빠) so cute! Eunjeng - I don't know much about her she is so quite :) Jinyung - I like her! she has energy and power! Chengho - he is the only Russian guy in the classroom. I think he is a neat person, and Angela - I was happy to know her! she is so adorable. Finally chanmy - I am not sure that her name spelling but the only thing that I remember her hair colors! the green color! it fits on you!

Let's go to drink!

Don't look at my red face...it's look like a bomb T.T

Anyway, through this class my English communication abilities got better than before!
I would like to join Jeff's class next semester as well but Jeff would't allow me :<
Because I was a jerk when I did on air hello show! Sorry... I could not be patient while Seongeun was dancing. Actually, the choreography that we practice was different. Seongeun wanted to do the easiest one so we chose the crayon pop's song. It was tough to stop laughing.

Jeff taught us a lot of Online Tools Education such as blog things and final hangout talk show. All the things that we learnt from Jeff would be useful for later! Thank you let us know these things Jeff. And Hope to see you next time all the classmates and Jeff! 

We love you.

( PS. Jeff ! I hope to know what the blue colors' letters mean ;) )

2014년 6월 15일 일요일

How much do you know about K-pop?

Hi guys! 

I am Dongyun Choi. I am going to talk about K-pop!
What is K-pop? Yes, It is Korean music.
Do you know why there are Korean waves in the world?
Do you know what is the top 3 K-pop entertainments? and things that they have each different concepts on their company. Also, do you know the k-pop's history and what K-pop makes people around the world are crazy about k-pop and making K-pop reaction videos of K pop fan or non K pop fans. Are you interested in K-pop?
So, Let find out and talk about it with me. We are going to broadcast it on Jun.15th. 7 PM at the Hello show(Hangout English Language Learning Show)." 

Top 3 entertainments

YG Family http://www.ygfamily.com/

SM Entertainment fanclub.smtown.com/

JYP www.jype.com/

So here is our outline.

# Outline
Before you watch our show, please check these links out. Thank you.
Kids reaction videos

Kpop fan reaction videos

Here are some non kpop fan reaction videos

Do you know any groups or singers on these pictures?
As you can see K-pop is very well known in Youtube. When did k-pop start attracting people. What k pop fans and non fans like or dislike k-pop. What’s the difference between English pop and k-pop.


1. Self Introduction

2. Dancing Time (intro)

3. discussion our dance

4. Talking about K-pop history

5. Talking about what’s k-pop Boy or Girl groups’ music and dance style.

6. Why people are crazy about k-pop?

7. Q&A

Here are more information about K-pop. If you would like to know more click it. 

Please enjoy our show. ;)

Thank you

2014년 5월 26일 월요일

# Jeffchois' [힐링투어]제프초이스 대마도를 가다! DAY2

- Jeffchois' 旅行일기-DAY 2
# 제프초이의 선택 그 첫번째 장소 쓰시마 [對馬島(대마도)]이어갑니다~

아침에 일어나 제가 먼저 찾은 것은 허기진 배를 달래는 것이였습니다! 이렇게 주방장님이 조식을 차려주셨습니다. 중간에 하얀 스펀치는 안에 나토가 들어있었는데, 제 입맛에는 맞았습니다.ㅎㅎ  이제 배도 불렀으니 맑은 공기를 마시러 산책을 떠나 볼까요~

 저는 민박 히타카츠의 1박2일 옵션투어를 이용 했어요~ 편하게 차를 타고 산을 타러 갔습니다. 보아하니 낚시 관광체험, 등산, 등 많은 투어체험 코스가 있었구요. 사장님께서는 여행사를 통한 단체관광객은 안받으시고, 개인 단체 동호회 등의 고객을 받으시기에 좀더 퀼리티가 높은 서비스를 제공하려고 한다고 하셨습니다.

나무들이 크게 솟아쳐서 정말 놀랐어요~ 너무 높아요~

아침 시간대라 사람들이 아무도 없어서 저만의 세상이라는 느낌이 들더군요...
대마도엔 아직 사람들의 발길이 많지 않아요! 제주도는 너무 중국 사람이 많은 반면에요;;

나루타키 폭포도 가보았는데요, 비가 온 뒤라 폭포 폭이 많이 넓게 보여 더욱 멋졌습니다.

이렇게 아침 사진을 몇장 찍어 보았습니다. 정말 공기도 좋고 깨끗하고, 물도 맑드라구요. 추천드려요!

이제 시원한 바다를 보기 위해서 대마도의 멋진 해변인 미우다 해변으로 향하였습니다.

해변가 근처의 풍경 입니다. 저기 앉아서 잠쉬 쉬어갔습니다.

네 미우다 해변 입니다~ 참 맑고 깨끗하더군요. 저기에 작은 섬 보이시나요
저게 바로 메인 포인트 입니다^^ 참 좋았습니다.
도시에서 벗어나 바다와 산을 보고 맛있는 것도 먹고 날라 갈거 같더군요~훨훨
이제 슬슬 숙소로 돌아가서 점심을 먹고 떠날 채비를 하러 갔습니다.

 Wow...점심은 회를 먹었습니다. 사시미가 너무 먹고 싶드라구요. 대마도에 왔으니 회도 한접시 먹고 가야겠죠? 배터지게 먹었습니다. 하하하하 정말 맛있었어요. 숙박과 음식을 한번에 해결해서 매우 편리했습니다. 식사가 끝난 후 사장님과 주방장님이 꼼장어 잡이 어선에서 가져온 싱싱한 꼼장어를 보여주었는데요. 한번 잡아보려했는데 힘이 너무 넘쳐나서 겁났습니다.

네 엄청 싱싱해요! 점심특선으로 내놓는 다고 하시니 꼭 한번 가셔서 먹어보시길 바래요.

밥도 먹었겠다 . 가까운 거리에 있는 히타카츠 여객터미널에 걸어 와 보았어요.

 이렇게 한글을 병행한 간판도 많이 보여요. ㅎㅎ 다시 숙소로 돌아가서 짐을 꾸려야 겠네요.

와우 보이시나요. 빨간색 도리이가 보이네요~ 길이 한적해요 ^^

여기 빨간색 간판이 보이시나요~ 바로 파칭코 입니다 ㅎㅎ.

항구에서 숙소까지 5분 정도 걸렸네요 ㅎㅎ 이제 짐을 싸고 떠납니다. 나를 힐링해준 대마도야 다음에 또 보자꾸나~ 안녕 쯔시마.

제프초이스의 대마도 투어! THE END #